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Welcome to the Coastal Invasive Species Committee

Coastal Invasive Species Committee (Coastal ISC) partners represent diverse stakeholders throughout Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

Giant Hogweed RemovalInvasive plant treatment and control work is underway within the Coastal ISC Service Area, for the 4th year!

Plants of greatest concern include Knotweed species and Giant hogweed.  For a larger list of plants we will be tackling, by priority, refer to our priority invasive plant list.

The field season runs from the beginning of July to late October - during which time, you may run into our field workers, a site receiving treatment, or one of our "Do Not Mow" or  "Herbicide Notice" signs.2013 doNotMow 524x800

The Coastal ISC works under a comprehensive pest management plan which follows Integrated Pest Management IPM techniques and outlines specific requirements to manage invasive species on crown land. An appropriate combination of mechanical, chemical and biological treatment methods are used to eradicate primarily Provincially Regulated Noxious Weeds growing throughout coastal communities; plants whose removal is required under the BC Weed Control Act.

Due to the high risk of these plants spreading into nearby natural areas and private property, causing harm to people, the environment and infrastructure, the Coastal ISC works to control these highly invasive priority plants.  This is done on properties where funding has been provided.

Thank you to funding partners: Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations, BC Parks, Fortis BC, BC Hydro and some Local Governments. Their funding allows us to tackle infestations on road right of ways, parks and easements.

Preventing and managing the spread of invasive plants is everyone's responsibility!  Here is how you can help! 

 "Partnerships at work, reducing the threat of invasive species on coastal communities"


 Our Mission:

The Coastal ISC takes a leadership role to reduce the negative impacts of invasive alien species by:

  • Outreach and education: Working with community members, local governments, First Nations, industry, land managers, and others to exchange information and raise awareness about the impacts from, and management of, invasive alien species.
  • Collaboration: Promoting efficient, cooperative management of invasive alien species. 
  • Advice: Providing advice and building capacity to manage invasive alien species.
  • Management: Providing services to manage invasive alien species.
  • Support: Seeking funding and other support to achieve the vision.

We are one of 17 Regional Weed Committees throughout the Province

Our Service Area encompasses:

  • 9 Regional Districts
  • 34 Municipalities
  • 57 First Nation Groups