On March 12th 2014, Coastal ISC and BC Parks hosted a workshop in Nanaimo to discuss treatment methods for carpet burweed.  Attendees included scientists, project coordinators, volunteers, and park managers from the provincial and federal government, local municipalities, industry, and nongovernment organizations.  

The goals of the workshop were to share knowledge on treatment strategies and successes, to determine what treatments are most effective, and to identify future strategies and approaches. 

Click here to find a Summary and Literature review about carpet burweed that resulted from this workshop.

Presentations (PDF format):

– Overview of carpet burweed ecology/phenology – Dave Polster, Polster Environmental Services (7.2 Mg)

– Carpet burweed in Ruckle Provincial Park – Tory Stevens, BC Parks, and Kathy Reimer, Ruckle Park volunteer (1.5 Mg)

– Carpet burweed research in Ruckle Provincial Park – Sally John and Jean Brouard, Isabella Point Forestry Consultants (3.2 Mg)

– Trials and tribulations with carpet burweed at Rathtrevor Provincial Park – Dave Polster and Drew Chapman (no slideshow presented)

– Carpet burweed treatment approaches in Victoria – Thomas Munson, City of Victoria (2.5 Mg)

– Treatment success of carpet burweed at Fort Rodd Hill – Aimee Pelletier, Parks Canada (1 Mg)

– Treatment approaches and successes with carpet burweed – Chris Hyde-Lay, City of Oak Bay, and Marilyn Fuchs, CRD Parks (no slideshow presented)


We thank everyone who participated in this workshop!  Please contact us with any questions.

Coastal ISC

  BC Parks