It has been a busy year for Coastal Invasive Species Committee (Coastal ISC). As an affiliate with the Invasive Species Council of BC, we were proud to assist with the  facilitation of  action teams working in the Nanaimo and Southern part of the  Island through the Stronger BC plan this year. Coastal ISC assisted with the training, logistics and facilitation of the program. The teams worked on intensive projects gaining experience in dealing with a variety of invasive species, including the removal of ivy around threatened Garry Oak and Douglas firs trees. 

 We continued our Knot on My Property Program to control Knotweed in partnership with a number of regional districts and municipalities. Knotweed is a damaging invasive plant that grows and spreads rapidly, quickly out competing native vegetation. The hardy root system can grow through concrete causing expensive and destructive damage. Besides treatment of known sites we actively monitor sites previously treated and are happy with  the success of 115 sites now knotweed free. Our other priority species is Giant Hogweed and we managed to reduce this noxious plant throughout parts of the Island. 

 Besides invasive plants, Coastal ISC provides resources on invasive fauna and this year participated in the monitoring for aquatic mussels. We also helped educate the public about invasives through outdoor events, webinars and presentations. We are looking forward to being involved in more in person events and programs next year.