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The Coastal ISC is a non-profit organization composed of local citizens, representatives from First Nations, governments, utilities, natural resource industries, academia and conservation groups, and others who share a common concern about the impacts of invasive alien plants in Coastal BC. The Coastal ISC serves the geographic area of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Sunshine Coast.

Our Vision

Communities, resources and ecosystems in the Coastal ISC service area are protected from the negative impacts of invasive alien species.

Our Goals

  • To provide structure and capacity for long-term invasive alien species management in the Coastal ISC management area.
  • To prevent the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive alien species.
  • To manage existing invasive alien species populations and reduce their impacts.

Signatories of this Membership Agreement support the vision of the Coastal ISC and agree to join us in making this vision a reality in the context of their daily role as coastal resident and/or land management organization. Signatories agree to participate in the Coastal ISC and help build leadership and a cooperative, regional invasive plant management program. Signatories are likewise expected to encourage other individuals and organizations to work towards successful implementation of these goals over time.

Nothing in this Membership Agreement obligates signatories to contribute financially to the Coastal ISC or any aspect of the implementation of the vision.

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