Anthriscus caucalis

Family: Apiaceae (Carrot)

Other Common Names: Bur parsley, burr chervil, bur-chervil

Origin: Europe.

Growth Form/Reproduction: Annual. Spiny seeds

Legal Status:  BC Regulated Noxious Weed.

Agricultural: Information not available.
Ecological: Can form dense stands competing with native vegetation.
Human: Information not available

Habitat: Adapted to shaded sites and poor, sandy soils. Moist fields, ditches, disturbed sites and waste places.

Status and Distribution: Rare in Southeastern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands with populations reported in the Comox, Capital, Cowichan Valley, and Nanaimo Regional Districts.

Management Strategy: Eradicate new and small populations before seed bank is formed. Plants must be removed before seeds develop. Can be pulled when soil is moist or cut to ground level after flowering but before seeds mature. Remove cut material containing flowering stems from site.