PREVENT Giant ReedERADICATE Garlic MustardCONTAIN GorseCONTROL Himalayan blackberry
The following is a list of Coastal ISC’s current Priority Invasive Plants within the Management Categories: Prevent, Eradicate, Control and Contain. Click on any of the species images for more information on identification, management, and links to additional resources. Download the Coastal ISC Priority Invasive Plant List Here.    The categorization of species is representative of the Coastal ISC management area as a whole. Management actions will vary based on different sub-regions and specific site conditions. The Capital Region (CRISP), sub-region list. Please see the BC Invasive Species Council for a comprehensive list of Regulated Invasive Plants in BC. Keep a look out for new potentially problematic invasive species, see B.C. Proposed Prohibited Noxious Weeds (published by the BC government) and help us prevent these plants from invading our natural ecosystems.

To bring new plants of concern forward for consideration to be added to this Priority Invasive Plant list, email us at with your rationale and it will be brought forward at the next quarterly board meeting for discussion.

Invasive Plant Profiles (click the photos to find out more):