Coastal ISC 2022 Priority Species Survey Results

Coastal Invasive Species Committee conducted a survey this year to get the public’s perspective on invasive species and to identify any concerns in the community. We had a total of 60 responses, representing 7 regional districts. These are broken down as follows, with the regional district of Nanaimo having the largest representation. We were interested […]

Italian Arum

Italian Arum is being reported on the island. Particularly, in the Nanaimo and Victoria regions. Italian Arum can be identified by: Smelly flowers Arrow shaped green leaves, sometimes with prominent veins bright red to orange berry clusters   This plant is toxic to both humans and livestock. If you think you have found Italian Arum, […]

European Schafer Beetles and other Garden Grubs

European Schafer Beetle grubs courtesy of ISCBC Now is the time of year to get back into the garden. But wait. What is that grub all over my lawn?  Grubs are the larvae of a variety of insects, most commonly species of beetles. They are commonly found in decaying matter, such as logs, as well […]

Impacts of Invasive Plants on Wetlands

Water-loving invasive species are all capable of damaging wetland ecosystems. Invasive species tend to form monocultures or fields of only themselves. This lowers the biodiversity and resilience of the ecosystem. We want biodiverse ecosystems, as this allows for resilience and resistance to changes in the environment such as drought, excessive water, changes in nutrient levels, […]

Our February/March Newsletter is live!

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American Bullfrogs

American Bullfrog. Notice the tympanum (exterior ear).  They were first introduced here as a farmed species for the delicacy of frog legs. Farmers soon realized that the cannibalistic nature of bullfrogs meant farming them was not economical. Bullfrogs were released into the lower mainland and have since spread to Vancouver Island. They are now invasive […]

Seedy Saturdays and Sundays 2022

The gardening season is fast approaching. With that comes the planting of new plants. Look out for invasive ones! Be wary of any plant that is fast spreading and/or is a self-seeder. Be PlantWise! We will be educating the gardening community about PlantWise and invasive species at local seedy Saturdays and Sundays in March. Hope to […]

2021 Year in Review

Coastal Invasive Species Committee at work

It has been a busy year for Coastal Invasive Species Committee (Coastal ISC). As an affiliate with the Invasive Species Council of BC, we were proud to assist with the  facilitation of  action teams working in the Nanaimo and Southern part of the  Island through the Stronger BC plan this year. Coastal ISC assisted with […]

Coastal ISC Update April 28 2020

Coastal ISC will be continuing its invasive species management treatments in 2020.  Coastal ISC had its Board of Directors meeting April 1, 2020, following a BC Provincial Inter-ministry Invasive team update session. BC as a Province has determined that government services and vegetation management is an essential service, and further is committed to keeping people working […]

GET THE STORY – Tansy Ragwort on Shaw TV

Watch CIPC’s new Coordinator, Rachelle McElroy speaking about Tansy Ragwort in a recent interview with Shaw TV. Learn about the toxic properties of this weed and what to do if you find it in your backyard, ditch or pasture. Click Here Want to learn more, read the Tansy Ragwort Fact Sheet or find out about a Tansy Ragwort invasive species pull on […]

EDRR – Spartina Bulletin

Did you know? The Pacific coast is home to several species of invasive cordgrass (Spartina anglica, S. densiflora, S. patens, S. alterniflora) that are invading thousands of hectares (ha) of intertidal mudflat along the west coast of the US and rapidly spreading into the Strait of Georgia. These invasive grasses are capable of forming massive; […]

Alien Plant Invaders: Giant Hogweed (Salt Spring Island Conservancy)

A series of articles on how to identify and manage some common invasive species on Salt Spring Island written by Jean Wilkinson, Stewardship Committee, Salt Spring Island Conservancy. “Giant Weed That Burns and Blinds Spreads Across Canada” (National Post, July 13, 2010) “Hogweed Response Team in the Works”  (The Province, July 14, 2010) “Huge Noxious […]

Alien Plant Invaders: Broom is Bad, and Gorse is Worse! (Salt Spring Island Conservancy)

A series of articles on how to identify and manage some common invasive species on Salt Spring Island written by Jean Wilkinson, Stewardship Committee, Salt Spring Island Conservancy. Spring is slowly arriving, with its longer days, new growth and warm sunshine, but unfortunately it also brings the bright yellow blooms of gorse, and later broom. […]

French Creek Giant Hogweed Project

This website is an excellent source for information on Giant Hogweed and the French Creek Giant Hogweed Management Project. Website:


Report Weeds!Now its easier than ever to report invasive plant sites in BC!  Choose one of the four ways: “Report-A-Weed App” for Iphone or Android ‘Report-A-Weed’ Online Wizard (make sure your browser is set to ‘Internet Explorer’). The Report-A-Weed-wizard takes you through 3 easy steps to report a suspected new sighting of an invasive alien […]

Invasive Plant Council of BC annual Forum “Invasion of the Aliens”

November 4, 2010 – Invasive Plant Council of British Columbia to host highly anticipated “Invasion of the Aliens!” public forum in Richmond, January 18-19, 2011, to address invasive species threatening BC. Invasive species are silently invading British Columbia’s unique landscapes, fertile range and agriculture lands, fragile ecosystems, and vibrant communities at an alarming rate. These […]

Coastal Invasive Plant Management Strategy

Coastal Invasive Plant Management Strategy The Coastal  Invasive PLANT Management Strategy (2010) for agencies, stakeholders and landowners on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Giant Hogweed Look-alikes

Giant Hogweed Look-alikes Photos and identification info for Giant Hogweed and commonly mistaken look-alike species.

Alien Plant Invaders: English Holly and Ivy (Salt Spring Island Conservancy)

A series of articles on how to identify and manage some common invasive species on Salt Spring Island written by Jean Wilkinson, Stewardship Committee, Salt Spring Island Conservancy. OH THE HOLLY AND THE IVY…. English Holly and Ivy are often used in traditional Christmas decorations and wreaths, but the plants are very aggressive invaders in […]