Coastal ISC will be continuing its invasive species management treatments in 2020. 

Coastal ISC had its Board of Directors meeting April 1, 2020, following a BC Provincial Inter-ministry Invasive team update session.

BC as a Province has determined that government services and vegetation management is an essential service, and further is committed to keeping people working and to having invasive plant treatment management programs continue through the next few months. 

There is a number of restrictions on operations – social distancing, one person per vehicle, shorter workdays, and exposure control plans to be followed. 

On this direction, Coastal ISC Board of Directors has determined that the 2020 treatment program can proceed.  The Board stipulated that health and safety of its employees, its clients and the general public is paramount, and should be the number one priority in any program decisions and operational implementation.

Coastal ISC has been working hard on the Giant Hogweed program in the central region of Vancouver Island in 2020.  Results are very promising and control of the very dangerous Giant Hogweed is definitely reducing the infestations of this invasive species, especially on the French Creek Corridor.

As we enter into the knotweed emergence season, please feel free to contact Coastal ISC for treatment and technical information advice.

Stay safe and best wishes

Don Hare

Executive Director

Coastal Invasive Species Committee Society