Photo courtesy Dean Swan, Washington State University

Crupina vulgaris

Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower)

Other Scientific Names: None.

Other Common Names: Bearded creeper.

Origin: Eurasia.

Growth Form/Reproduction: Annual. Seeds.

Legal Status: Weed Control Act, Seeds Act, Community Charters Act.

Agricultural: Common crupina infests hay and other forage crops. It also reduces pasture capacity and livestock productivity.
Ecological: Infests grasslands and open forests where it competes with native species
Human: Information not available

Habitat: Pastures, grasslands, rangelands, hay fields, forests, riparian areas, roadsides, railroads and waste places.

Status and Distribution: Not present in BC at this time.

Management Strategy: Prevention includes using clean seed, hay, grain and straw and watching for common crupina in crops and disturbed areas. Maintain good ground cover in pastures. Infestations can be controlled with herbicides. Biocontrol agents are not available. Cutting or grazing can stimulate lateral growth producing larger quantities of seed and is not recommended.

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