Alliaria petiolata



Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard).

Other Common Names: Garlic root.

Origin: Europe.

Growth Form/Reproduction: Biennial/ Seeds

Legal Status: Community Charters Act.

Agricultural: No information available.
Ecological: Invades and dominates understory of forested areas.
Human: Culinary and medicinal herb. No information on negative effects.

Habitat: Prefers shade and moist, rich soil but tolerates full sun and a wide range of soil types. Grows in forests, riparian areas, disturbed sites, urban areas, trail edges and stream banks.

Status and Distribution: Rare in Capital Region in the Victoria area.

Management Strategy: In small populations, plants can be hand-pulled taking care to remove all of root system. For larger populations, cut flowering stems at or near ground level. Remove plant material from the site; seeds can continue to develop on severed plants. Glyphosate provides good control. Biocontrol is not presently available.