IAPP Reference Guide

The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operationshas produced a Reference Guide as a resource manual for all agencies and partners involved in invasive plant management in British Columbia under the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) Application.


The Guide is divided into four downloadable parts:

Part 1: Understanding the business of invasive plant management

Part 2: Using the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) application Data Entry module

Part 3: Using the IAPP application Map Display module

Part 4: Reference guide including Forms.

The Reference Guides are part of a larger program for invasive species management within BC.  Data that is collected using the Reference Guide requirements can be entered into the IAPP database (with permission as a valid agency) and the results can be viewed by anyone in the IAPP Map DIsplay, an interactive online map which shows where infestations have been identified within BC. This map is a great visual aid with a variety of information and there is also some tutorials to get you started and for the more advanced GIS applications.