Italian Arum is being reported on the island. Particularly, in the Nanaimo and Victoria regions.

Italian Arum can be identified by:

  • Smelly flowers
  • Arrow shaped green leaves, sometimes with prominent veins
  • bright red to orange berry clusters


This plant is toxic to both humans and livestock. If you think you have found Italian Arum, please report your sighting! Check out our Report Invasives page for the many ways to report. 


The best management tool is prevention. Please do not plant Italian Arum. For great non-invasive plants for your garden, check out the Grow Me Instead guide. If you have Italian Arum on your properties, monitor its spread. There are currently no good options to control Italian Arum.

For more information, the Washington Weed Control Board has some good information on Italian Arum.

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"Italian arum" by AlexanderVanLoon is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.