Datura stramonium



Family: Solanaceae (Potato).

Other Common Names: Devil’s Apple, thorn apple, mad apple, stinkweed, angel’s trumpet.

Origin: Uncertain.

Growth Form/Reproduction: Annual/ seeds.

Legal Status: None.

Agricultural: Poisonous to grazing animals if ingested. Can infest cultivated crops.
Ecological: No information available. Seeds of Jimsonweed are spread by birds.
Human: Highly poisonous plant; all parts are toxic. Can be fatal when ingested. Ornamental and medicinal plant.

Habitat: Does best on rich soils and plentiful rainfall. Usually grows on disturbed soils along trails and roadsides.

Status and Distribution: Rare in Capital Regional District and not present elsewhere in the Coastal ISC area.

Management Strategy: Eradicate populations. Cut plants before seed formation and remove cut materials from site. Pre-emergence herbicides can be used on infested crops.