Invasive Species lurking? That may sound like science fiction but the threat is real. According to Ernie Sellentin, Project Manager for the Coastal ISC, “We have fantastic growing conditions here on BC’s southern Coast and those conditions also allow numerous invasive species to thrive; our area is also gateway to our province for invasive plants and species. Luckily we have a variety of means to control many of these species”.

All are invited to come and hear Ernie Sellentin share his hands-on knowledge about Invasive Species, why they are cause for concern and what is being done to reduce their impacts to coastal communities. The talk will be on Texada Island and will cover treatment methods like mechanical, cultural, biological and the dreaded chemical; including in depth coverage of Tansy Ragwort, Meadow Knapweed and Knotweed. There will be an assortment of live invasive plants to view up close and in person. This discussion is meant for a diverse audience from those wanting to learn more about invasive species to land mangers actively managing invasive species.


The Coastal Invasive Species Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to invasive species prevention, education and coordinated management on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast; and are one of 17 Regional Weed Committees in BC. They work to protect communities, resources and ecosystems from the negative impacts of invasive alien species.                                                  Photo of Ernie Sellentin in the thick of it – with Himalayan Blackberries


The presentation will take place at the Texada Community Hall, on Friday June 20th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  To learn more about the Coastal ISC, sign up to recieve our bi-monthly E-Newsletter.