The Plantwise programs is designed to support Gardeners and the horticulture industry to make the transition to become invasive species free. The Plantwise program was created by the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC). You can commit to be a Plantwise gardener HERE and learn more about amazing alternatives to plant in your garden instead of common invasive plants sold in store today. Be sure to check out their Grow-me-instead publications.

Plantwise Industry Partners

Plant stores, Nurseries and other horticulture industry business are welcome to become a Plantwise Industry Partners and make the commitment to start transitioning to become an invasive-free business. Email us with any questions or view the the Plantwise Industry Partner for more information. Coastal ISC has become a Plantwise Ambassador to help you transition to become invasive free. We are happy to announce our first Plantwise industry partner on Vancouver Island outside of the Capital Region, Sylvan Vale Nursery! Located in Black creek in the Comox Valley, they are a invasive-free nursery that focuses on the forestry industry but also grows Christmas tree seedlings, native plants, ornamentals, berry plants, grasses, restoration plants and hedging plants. Congratulations to Sylvan Vale Nursery for making the commitment to becoming a Plantwise Industry Partner.