Coastal ISC Priority Invasive Plants

Coastal ISC’s current Priority Invasive Plants are listed below within the following Management Categories: Prevent, Eradicate, Contain, and Control. To bring new plants of concern forward for consideration to be added to this Priority list, please email Coastal ISC


Categorizing Invasives

Categorization of species is representative of the Coastal ISC management area in its entirety. Management actions vary based on unique sub-regions and site conditions. For the Capitol Region (CRISP), refer to their Sub-Region List

More Resources

The BC Invasive Species Council provides a list of Regulated Invasive Plants in BC. Potentially problematic invasive species can be found on the Province’s Prohibited Noxious Weeds. Use Report a Weed to help prevent these plants from invading coastal ecosystems.



These species are not known to occur in the region and are on the Provincial Government’s Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) List. They are considered a threat to the province. REPORT ALL SIGHTINGS.


These species are not known to occur in the region, but are likely to establish if introduced.
Eradicate if found. REPORT ALL SIGHTINGS.

Cordgrass, Smooth

(Spartina alterniflora)

Hawkweed, Whiplash

(Hieracium flagellare)