crisp knotweed pavement

Priority Invasive Species in the Capital Region

Early detection and a rapid response is crucial in preventing establishment of new invasive species. CRISP has identified a number of plants that are good candidates for eradication or containment. We need your assistance in reporting these high priority species.

Regional Priority Species List – CRISP

CRISP has created this priority species list for the Capital Region. There are so many invaders in our region and limited resources, so it is important to be strategic for management and use of resources.

Below are the Management Category descriptions. Priority invasive plants are listed under these categories depending on their level of spread in the region. The categories are the same as the Coastal ISC Management Categories but the species on this list reflect the presence and status within the Capital Region.

Note that human and animal hazards have been identified. CRISP is working on a way to identify levels of toxicity.

The Management Categories indicate how a species should ideally be managed according to the number and area of populations in the region. This list is reviewed and updated every 6 months by CRISP. Note that different local government jurisdictions in the Capital Region will be managing these invaders according to: the actual status of a species within their boundaries and what resources they have available to manage.

 CRISP Invasive Plant Management Categories

Priority Invasive Species in the CRD