Report Invasives

Ways to Report Invasive Species

Why Report?

Reporting invasive species helps land managers to make decisions regarding the prioritization and treatment of the invasives. The reporting of invasive species also helps scientists track the spread and distribution of the species. For example, it can tell us the types of habitats the invasive is found in and where it could potentially spread. As well, reporting helps us rapidly respond to new invaders. The provincial government has an early detection rapid response team (EDRR). The provincial government maintains a list of invasive species to watch out for and new arrivals, with the goal of prevention and eradication. This list can be viewed here.

How to Report:

There are a few options to report an invasive species in your community.

  • The best option is to use the Report Invasives BC app, available for both Android and Apple
  • You can also report invasives directly to the government using this form
  • You can send an email to and we can add your report to the government system
  • Call our hotline at 250-871-5117 or Toll-free at 1-844-298-2532

 When reporting, be sure to include a detailed description, the location (civil address and/or latitude and longitude coordinates), contact information, and photos if possible.

Please note that while we would love to be able to respond to every report, this is not always possible. There are more invasive species than we could respond to, so we prioritize based on impacts and location. You can view our prioritization list here.

Want to see what others have been reporting? Check out the Invasive Alien Plant Program’s interactive map. This database includes sites reported by government agencies, non-profits, and the public.