We are currently reviewing the prioritization of species for each district. The complete list of species surveyed in the area is available below. We would appreciate your feedback on the prioritization of invasive species in the Sunshine Coast Regional District. Please fill out the following short survey to have your voice heard.

Current Extent of Invasive Species in the Region

Above are maps showing the current known sites of Knotweed species (left) and Giant Hogweed (right) in the Sunshine Coast Regional District. These are just two examples of maps that can be created. This data is pulled from the province of BC’s Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP). IAPP is a database containing sites reported by government agencies, land managers, non profits and verified public reports. It is an essential tool in the early detection rapid response program. More information on the early detection rapid response program and which species are included in the program can be found here. For maps of other species, please email us at info@coastalisc.com or visit the Province of Invasive Alien Plant Program’s interactive map.