spartina p AM 3 smallThe invasive intertidal cordgrass Spartina spp. – Are we on the path to coast wide eradication? 

Spartina spp. have invaded intertidal habitat along the coast of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Where they thrive they convert interidal mudflats, important nursing habitat for fish and crustaceans, into monophyletic stands of Spartina, changing the waterflow and topography of this habitat. As the Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist of BC, Dr. Matthias Herborg will talk about these plants and their impacts, and how a coordinated eradication effort along the West Coast is dramatically reducing these invaders. Meet at 7:30 p.m. in room 159 of the Fraser Building, University of Victoria. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend.

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NOTE: Book Sale – by donation, throughout November at evening presentations. Books somewhat sorted by topic, e.g., botanical titles at Botany Night. To eliminate delays in starting the meeting proper, if you are interested in books, come early, preferably by 7:10.